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Outdoor Interests 

Reagan's Queen Anne ~ Summer

Hummers battle for position

From May to October, more than two dozen resident hummingbirds
perform their aerobatics daily for guests to enjoy.
Recently, battles for control of the 9 feeders have been furious.
Some ports have been "shared" by two birds at a time!
These little jewels zip, dive, dart, suspend themselves with fanned tails,
and squeak continuously, as they fight for positioning on the feeders.
...Such delightful and Free entertainment!
(From the kitchen window...Can you count 5? Hint : One is very blurred and behind a perch, only the tail visible.)

Backyard Koi Pond


The backyard waterfall and Koi pond
are recovering from a tornado on May 20, 2013.
Judy's fish, raised from fingerlings, with some growing to more than 26" long,
did not fare well through the tornado. Four of the big fish were lost.
One remaining Shushui Koi is joined by one Fantail,
one Shubunkin and one Fancy Comet. 

Reagan's Queen Anne ~ Autumn

October peak colors for our two sugar maples in front of our house.
Most neighborhood trees are past peak in this photo.
However, the maples on our street are absolutely breath-taking,
as colors change from yellows, to orange hues, to cerise and deep reds.



Check Our Photo Gallery for a fascinating photo display,
of several male and female Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds.
The photos were taken at Reagan's Queen Anne in August 2008, by one of our guests.
John Crim sat for hours to capture these little jewels on his NIKON D 1X.


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